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Corporate & Business Services for Private Entities

Kim.E. Johnson helps his clients with a full range of corporate and business services, from establishing the entity by means of incorporation (BC and federal companies), extra-provincial registration, formation of partnerships or proprietorships (trade names), and annual maintenance of corporate shareholder or partner records and regular filings, routine resolutions and corporate governance matters, to organizing and conducting regular annual general meetings (AGM’s) or special meetings (for such purposes as altering share structure or approving major transactions) .

Limited Partnerships are a popular vehicle for real estate projects because, unlike a corporation, tax losses flow through to investors while the limited partners retain limited liability. Kim has ample experience in establishing limited partnerships.

Kim also has experience in assisting client businesses to apply for the BC 30% Venture Capital tax credit, along with arranging for investors being issued and receiving tax credits, and with compliance requirements for a company (VCC or EBC) registered under this program.

Setting up the business structure is only the first stage of a process that requires looking ahead with the benefit of experienced advice as to the next steps and additional documents or arrangements that may be appropriate based on the circumstances of each case.  For instance, in some cases a shareholder agreement or written partnership agreement will be essential to ensure all participants are clear on the role of each and the expectations affecting all, including responsibility for business planning and outcomes, and obligations as to funding or financial support of the business. Kim Johnson works with his clients to help identify and address these potential areas of concern.

Incorporation of a new company in and of itself is a fast and fairly inexpensive procedure using systems and procedures available today.  However, if a company fails to maintain its records or its annual filings (with the BC Registrar of Companies or Industry Canada), problems or delays can arise when financing is sought or contracts are to be entered into.  Corporate status can be revoked by the Registrar of Companies or Industry Canada for failure to file annual returns, giving rise to potential liability for the shareholders or directors, and incurring significant costs and delay in order to restore the status of the company.  Kim Johnson offers a complete and cost-effective corporate maintenance, records management and annual filing package to his many existing corporate clients.

Our Products & Services

  • BC or Federal Incorporations, Unlimited Liability Corporations, Non-Profit Corporations, Co-operative corporations, Limited Liability Partnerships, Limited Partnerships, Trusts
  • Corporate Records Maintenance & AGM’s
  • Venture Capital Corporation and Eligible Business Corporation filings and compliance
  • Shareholder Agreements, Director Agreements, Founder’s Participation Agreements, Employment Agreements, Contractor Agreements, Confidentiality and Non-compete Agreements
  • Business Development Advice

Kim is involved with many innovative Vancouver Island-based projects including real estate joint ventures, venture capital, limited partnerships, First Nations ventures, and mortgage investment corporations.